The Expert’s Guide To Caring For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect diamond ring is easy, but there are fewer resources for keeping it in pristine condition. Though they are among nature’s hardest substances, diamonds still need special care to preserve their brilliance. 

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If you wear the ring every day, it will get dirty. A diamond ring will lose its lustre if you constantly coat it with products like hand lotion, hairspray, and makeup. Why? The brilliance of a diamond is caused by light entering the stone, refracting off the bottom, and then striking the retina of the observer again. The amount of light that can pass through a surface is reduced when dirt and grime are present. 

No matter what metal your diamond ring is made of, this guide has all the information you need to clean it properly at home. Read on if you have a diamond ring and are curious about the best way to care for it.

What To Do?

Whether it’s an engagement ring or a piece of eternity jewellery you’ve had forever, diamonds require special care. Your diamond ring won’t need much in the way of maintenance, but it will shine brighter for longer if you follow a routine.

Determine If The Ring Still Functions Properly.

Before you start cleaning your ring, take a close look at it to determine how bad the damage is. Are there any concerns about the claws’ durability? Do any diamonds wiggle around? If so, take it to a jeweller for an expert cleaning that won’t damage the setting. We can assume that they will maintain cleanliness and address any issues that arise.

Washing Up Liquid Is A Good Place To Start When Cleaning Rings.

You can clean it with some hot water and dish soap. To make a lather, place some detergent in a coffee cup and fill it with hot water until it begins to boil. Your diamond engagement ring will not melt; the melting points of both gold and diamonds are well above 100 degrees.

After three to five minutes, use an old toothbrush to wipe down the area around the controls. A dabbing motion is preferred over a scrubbing one. Instead of scrubbing, which could damage the metal’s finish, dabbing allows the bristles to get in and behind the setting.

Clean The Ring With A Toothbrush, But Just A Quick Scrub.

Brush the diamond’s lower half thoroughly. Dirt tends to accumulate at the diamond’s mounting base. Apply hand cream, but not if you have rings on. The use of hand cream is a major contributor to diamond dulling. Consider smearing some hand cream on your bathroom mirror to see how it affects your diamond.

Within a few days, regular dust and grime would settle on the cream, forming a layer that would scatter any incoming light. Diamonds are most brilliant when they can interact with light, so anything that prevents this will dull the stone’s appearance.

Have It Cleaned With Professionals

Even though home cleaning can make a significant difference in your diamond’s performance, it is still recommended that you have your diamond professionally cleaned at least once a year. Get it cleaned by a jeweller at least once a year for optimal results.

Nowadays, many jewellers use ultrasonic cleaners. Commercial ultrasonic cleaners can cost more than $1500. Ultrasonics allow for the thorough cleaning of inaccessible areas by simply shaking them. Your jeweller can also double-check the security of your gemstones and diamonds by inspecting the settings. It makes no difference to us which manufacturer made the product our customers need help with; we provide the service for free.

Myths About Cleaning A Diamond Engagement Ring

There are many myths and misconceptions about cleaning diamond engagement rings. Here are a few common ones:

1. Never Use Water To Clean A Diamond Ring.

The opposite is true. As long as you dry the ring carefully, cleaning a diamond ring with water is completely safe. Cleaning a diamond ring with water is a great way to remove everyday grime and is safe for most diamonds.

2. Clean A Diamond Ring With Only Specialized Jewellery Cleaners.

Although commercial jewellery cleaners are a good option for cleaning diamond rings, other methods can be just as effective. All you need is some warm water and a drop or two of mild dish soap to clean a diamond ring. Just add a few drops of dish soap to some warm water, soak the ring for a few minutes, and then scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. You should give the ring a good wash and dry it with a soft cloth.

3. Never Attempt To Clean A Diamond Ring On Your Own.

Most diamond rings are safe to clean at home, but those with particularly delicate stones or intricate settings may need professional assistance. You can easily clean your diamond ring at home by using mild cleaning solutions and paying close attention while drying the ring.

4. Never Put Your Diamond Ring In An Ultrasonic Cleaner.

To effectively clean jewelry, ultrasonic cleaners use high-frequency sound waves to break up dirt and grime into microscopic bubbles. Ultrasonic cleaners offer a convenient way to keep your diamond jewellery sparkling, but they pose a risk if not used properly. If your diamond ring has a particularly fragile setting or stone, you should not use an ultrasonic cleaner unless instructed to do so by the manufacturer.

When cleaning a diamond engagement ring, it is best to avoid harsh chemicals and to dry the ring carefully afterwards. It’s important to be gentle with your ring and avoid using any abrasive cleaners or chemicals, whether you clean it yourself or bring it to a professional.

More Tips For Cleaning A Diamond Engagement Ring

1. Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals Or Abrasive Materials

When cleaning your ring, don’t use anything too abrasive or chemical. Bleach, ammonia, and toothpaste, as well as scouring pads and other abrasive materials, fall into this category. These can cause scratches on metal and even on diamonds.

2. Avoid Exposing Your Ring To Extreme Temperatures

Keep your ring away from direct sunlight and sudden temperature changes. You shouldn’t, for instance, leave your ring in a hot car or on a windowsill in direct sunlight, as doing so could cause the metal to expand or contract and potentially damage the ring or cause it to become loose.

3. Be Cautious

Be careful if you wear your ring while doing anything that could break it. Do not, for instance, wear your diamond ring while engaging in activities that pose a risk of scratching or chipping the stone, such as gardening or housework. You should also avoid wearing your ring while doing things that could damage or discolour the metal, such as swimming or soaking in a hot tub.

4. Consider Having Your Ring Professionally Cleaned And Checked Periodically

You should have your ring checked and cleaned by a professional once in a while. Your local jeweller has the experience and equipment to keep your ring looking its best. They can also look for problems or damage that might need fixing.


In general, the best way to keep your diamond engagement ring sparkling is to treat it gently and clean it regularly. If you take care of your ring the right way, it will retain its lustre and beauty for a lifetime.

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