How to Watch a Film With a Critical Eye

Watching a film is one of the simplest pleasures in modern life – it requires only a seat and a screen to enjoy. But watching with a critical, cinematic eye elevates the experience to a new level. For students, learning to watch a film with this eye teaches an appreciation of how films work and a knowledge of the techniques used in film-making.

What do you call people watching a movie?

Start by researching the หนังใหม่ production history. Find out where it was shot, whether it’s a remake or a re-edit, and who the director was. Then read a summary of the plot (a synopsis or film treatment). See if you can determine what type of film it is: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, etc. – or if it’s a hybrid genre film, or a satire, a spoof or an homage.

Step 2: Figure out the Themes

Every film, from the most highbrow art house movie to the cheapest straight-to-video sequel, has certain themes that are worth exploring. Identifying these themes – such as vengeance, coming-of-age, motherhood and more – can help us understand the film and its impact on audiences. This is especially true if we can see how the filmmakers have used particular cinematic techniques to convey these messages. For example, a director might use watery cuts to evoke the sense of memory loss in Citizen Kane, or they might use close-ups to amplify the importance of a certain character’s reaction in a film like The Graduate.

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